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Below you’ll find even more amazing treatment packages and gifts we’ve created for you this month!

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Take his breath away all over again!


Purchase a Botox treatment and prepare for your big night out!

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Price: $14.00/unit
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Every woman needs a Galentine’s Day!

The month of romance doesn’t have to be all about couples! Enjoy an Invigorating Back Renewal Scrub and Hydrafacial with your closest girlfriends!


Sip on Sparkling Red Grape cocktail, snack on mouthwatering chocolates and celebrate a much-needed Galentine’s Day!

Reserve your experiences today and you and your guests will receive a complimentary Kneipp Bath Oil!


Price: $199


Enjoy well-deserved YOU time!


Select your choice of a Luxurious Facial or Oxygen Facial, and receive a complimentary Revitalizing Eye Gel set! Make sure your phone has space because we see a lot of glamorous new selfies coming your way!

You’ll be served a glass of Sparkling Fruit cocktail and snack on mouthwatering chocolates in between treatments. Space is limited! Reserve now!

Price: $140


Spoil Someone!

Valentine's Day Instant Gift Certificates


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Receive a  FREE LightStim LED Light Treatment with the purchase of a gift certificate of $125 or more!


A soothing moisturizer that hydrates and replenishes normal to dry and mature skin. Soy and chasteberry extracts minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving collagen production. Apricot oil provides antioxidant protection and a sweet aroma, while also softening the skin, keeping it smooth.


Zare MedSpa now offers Botox and Fillers!

Botox: Eliminates crow's feet, forehead furrows, 11’s and lip lines

Fillers: Plumps up and smooths out smile lines, marionette lines and lip lines by instantly filling in these wrinkles with Hyaluronic Acid (HA). 

Intensive Pigment Eraser

Physician’s Formula

Treat hyperpigmentation with this powerful, triple-action hydroquinone spot treatment. Retinol 1% and key soothing agents leave skin even, smooth and more radiant!


"I am so glad I found Czareyna. She is so awesome & wonderful in taking care of my face. I reached my goal. My face glows all the time. I just need maintenance now. Thank you. My dear Ging. I highly recommend you to my family, friends and my patients."

Dr. Corazon Sanchez, Pediatrician, North East, MD. Zare VIP Club Member

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It’s every bride’s nightmare – waking up on her big day and noticing a new blemish just hours before she walks down the aisle. At Zare MedSpa, skincare experts have seen it all so we’re sharing some of the best recommendations for overcoming skin emergences at your wedding or special occasion. 

1. Unexpected Zits
Reduce inflammation by placing ice on the problem area. The cold temperature will decrease redness and control swelling. Keep a spot treatment or cortisone cream handy just in case you’re strapped for time. Despite the urge that may arise to pick at the blemish, do your best to resist all temptation! The last thing you want to do is make the situation worse by making it even harder to conceal so play it safe and don’t pick! Be sure to stop by Zare MedSpa and let a professional help save you from a skin dilemma!

2. Dry or Flaky Skin
Your big day should also be one of your best makeup days. We all know makeup and dry skin don’t complement each other. If you’re hoping to achieve an airbrushed look, remember to gently exfoliate your skin prior to cosmetic application. This will rid your skin of flaky cells on the surface. Reserve a deep exfoliating facial 3 weeks before your wedding to help boost your natural glow.

3. Crying Off Your Makeup
It’s always best to plan for tears of joy especially on such a life-changing day! Keep your foundation close by should you need a touch-up throughout the day. Apply the foundation directly down the line of your tear tracks and blend in with a beauty sponge or preferred tool. Have a makeup expert do a test run of your complete makeup look before the big day. Be sure to take pictures and have them recreate the look on your wedding day. Want flawless makeup all day long? Book them for the entire day!

4. Puffy Eyes
A gel eye mask will help calm puffy eyes, however if you find yourself without one you can always place two spoons in the freezer for 15 minutes. Use the rounded side on your eyelids and under your eyes for 5-10 minutes to reduce puffiness. The cold temperature will constrict blood and lymph vessels. Eliminate puffy eyes by establishing a set sleep schedule at least two weeks prior to your wedding. You’ll want to ensure you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night. Stop by Zare MedSpa and purchase Revitalizing Eye Gel to have with you just in case!

5. Sunburn
If you’re in a lot of pain, take some ibuprofen to help alleviate your discomfort. Take a cool bath and reduce swelling by using a cool compress and apply a soothing aloe cream. If your dress is strapless, try to remember to wear strapless tops while in the sun to eliminate any likelihood of unwanted tan lines. If the damage is already done, use a moisturizer with a green or yellow tint to help minimize redness. Try PCA Skin Sheer Tint formulated with universal tint. You should always call your skin care specialist for the best advice.

6. Allergic Reaction
Use a CliniCalm sensitive skin cream twice a day and take Benadryl at night. You can also try whole-milk compresses for 10 minutes 2x a day. Hydrocortisone cream and a quality tinted moisturizer are also life-savers to have on you should the reaction happen on your wedding day. Cover up the redness entirely with the cream and apply the moisturizer to add some hydration.

We highly recommend having your skin care professional on call the morning of your big day. As a backup, it’s always a smart idea to keep an emergency kit handy for yourself or a friend. Share these tips with the soon-to-be bride in your life, it could just save her big day!  


Lentil pasta is a fantastic food item to add to your cupboard because it’s high in protein, high in iron, high in fiber, full of essential vitamins, a good source of energy, gluten-free and cholesterol free. The lentils of the pasta highly complement the other ingredients and come together well to form a dairy-free, creamy and super flavorful sauce. This recipe is the perfect meal to whip together quickly after a long day.


See you soon at Zare MedSpa!

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