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Can you believe it? The holidays are almost here. It’s the season of giving gifts, giving thanks and giving back to others to show our appreciation.

With that in mind, we’ve created a celebration in your honor! The annual Client Appreciation Soirée is Thursday, November 9th from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  

If you haven’t already, you will receive a separate email with all of the details. Make sure to RSVP so you don’t miss out on the goodies we have for you!

Also, check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Since November is National Alzheimers Month, we’re donating a percentage of the proceeds to the Alzheimers Association. Without this organization, folks like my Mom and so many others would have no hope.

From all of us here at Transformations, we wish you a very memorable and Happy Thanksgiving!


Don’t know what to get the folks on your list?


Well, skip the long shopping lines and give them a spa gift card! They are the most popular gift-giving idea and the best part is….one size fits all!

Purchase a $100 Gift Card

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Simply order them by calling (561) 777-4813

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You can give these four $25 Gift Cards to family members, friends, your child’s teachers, your mailman, anyone!

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Did you miss out on Black Friday?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. When you purchase a $100 Gift Card, you will receive one (1) $25 Gift Card *!


* Offer valid for purchase on Cyber Monday Only! The free $25 Gift Card may be given to friends and family members and is not valid with other discounts. Must be used toward any service $75 or higher.


Turn Some Heads This Holiday Season!


Do you realize that more pictures are taken of you during the holidays than any other time of the year?

With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you have 4 opportunities to have your appearance forever marked in time with those photos!

If that scares you, we’re here to help! There are many options to looking your very best for the holiday season. How do you know what is best for you?

Reserve a Discovery Consultation and let a professional make the ideal recommendations for you. It could be Peels, Facials, Microdermabrasion or even our new friend, The Elos!

Reserve now! Mention this promotion and receive a Special Gift!


Bye Bye Turkey Neck….


What causes Turkey Necks and Double Chins?

“Turkey Neck” is actually the result of having a tight Platysma. The Platysma begins at the collar bone and extends all of the way up to the jawline. Unlike most areas of our body, the Platysma muscle “bands” are not connected to bone. In fact, they are a group of free floating muscles. As we age, the Platysma bands tighten. The aging process also causes our skin to become thinner. So, having thin skin rest upon these tightened bands, means they become more noticeable.

You can say the word Playt-eeeeeez-ma, drawing the sides of your mouth downward to see your muscle bands more clearly (as seen being done by the handsome man in the picture).


A “Double Chin” is caused by loose skin and/or……well….fat! A fat “pocket” sounds more politically correct, doesn’t it? Unlike a “Turkey Neck”, this issue is not due to aging. Think about it, babies have them when they are born.


So, what can be done about these troublesome necks?

Here are a few options.

1)   A “Neck Lift” via surgery. This tends to be less invasive than a “Face Lift”. If you are in the South Florida area, We can highly recommend Dr. Vartan Mardirossian of Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics. In fact, he will be our Special Guest at our Client Appreciation Soiree next week!


2) Topicals. These include those topicals that are pharmaceutical grade, which are those that are dispensed through a licensed professional with a formal education in the matter, (such as an Esthetician, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon).


We have had great success with the Max Stem Cell Neck Lift from Image Skin Care.

In fact, a group of females 43-64 years of age participated in a 4 week Clinical Study. Here are their findings.

* 100% improvement in Skin Hydration


*  89.66 % Improvement in Skin Firmness


*  86.21% Improvement in the Skin Texture


* 82.79% Improvement in Sagging of the Jawline


* 75.86% Improvement in Skin Elasticity


* 75.86% Improvement in Fine Lines on the Neck


* 75.86% Improvement in the Firmness of the Neck


* 68.97% Improvement in the Wrinkles on the Chest

* 93.10% of the subjects would recommend this

product to friends and family


* 86.21% of the subjects would like to continue to use this product


3)  Kybella. Kybella is an Rx injectable that completely destroys fat cells under the chin. Yes, you read correctly! It truly works. This is only administered from a Medical Professional. Now, if they could just come up with something to inject in the entire body and not just the Neck! Right?


4) Hello Elos!!!

 In the past, we have found a very effective way of dealing with skin tightening, to be with RF or Radio Frequency treatments. And now, (drum roll please) we are happy to introduce you to Elos technology! Elos combines RF with IR (Infra-red), giving you both tightening and volume reduction in the same treatment!


Elos technology is also used for color correction (hyperpigmentation, birth marks, rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins), as well as reducing wrinkles, fine lines, scar revision, acne/pock marks, skin resurfacing and PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal!


Transformations is so excited to be 1 of 4 Facilities in all of Palm Beach County to offer this amazing technology thru the Syneron Elos Plus Laser, and the only facility in Jupiter, Florida to also have it’s Cousin, the Syneron eTwo.


And, if you haven’t guessed already, Elos will be making its debut at

our Client Appreciation Soiree’, Thursday, November 9th!


Come and see a live demonstration as well as numerous before and after photos, of all of the different ways Elos can help you prepare for those candid camera, Holiday pictures!


Bye Bye Turkey Neck, Hello Elos!


This holiday season, try a different spin on traditional turkey dishes with this hearty and tasty recipe! It’s a great alternative to beef and rice stuffed peppers as well as being a healthier choice because it contains turkey and nutritious vegetables. Enjoy these delicious Turkey Stuffed Peppers this winter and savor every bite!


See you soon at Transformations Esthetics & Wellness

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