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May is such a refreshing month. The excitement in May is unlike any other during the year. If you have kids, the end of school is likely on your mind. But the longer daylight, blooming flowers and unofficial kickoff to summer with Memorial Day make May a month of anticipation. After all, the joy of anticipation is one of the best feelings to experience.

If you are eager for an upcoming wedding, bridal shower, a vacation, a fun night out or another lively event, we are here to prepare you and share in that joy with you. Certainly, one of those days includes popping in for a visit. See you soon!


Enjoy this well-deserved gift to your skin. Begin with a citrus and sea salt

exfoliation as it smooths and caresses while leaving a glistening softness behind. Steaming towels treated with six nourishing oils envelope the skin to remove the sea salt. Next, we treat you to a sultry and oh-so moisturizing organic sunflower & golden honey-butter wrap – complete with sweet almond oil that works to retain the skin’s moisture. Last, enjoy a silky massage with a floral shea butter infusion containing blood orange oil and live fruit cells and clementine oil to dull skin back to life!


● Full Exfoliation & Wrap
● Scalp, Neck & Face Massage
75-Min Treatment $125
Enhancement: Add-on massage or facial


Honey Sunflowers in Bloom Massage

Sea Salt Scrub that banishes flaky skin for the warmer days ahead. A steaming towel compress infused with clementine oil helps to remove scrub and prepare the muscles for massage. A finale of a luxe massage with organic Sunflower oil, honey and clementine oil will leave you glowing like the sun for hours.


• Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard Shea Butter and Clementine Oil massage
• Citrus Grass Exfoliation on back & feet
• Sunflower Honey Butter Mask on back & feet
• Rosemary Mint-Infused Steam Towels

Enhancement to any treatment $15


These shrimp tacos are perfect for a casual and fun dinner party. This recipe has a long list of ingredients, but please don’t let that discourage you. They are truly very quick and easy to make!


See you soon at Sunflower Spa!

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