No matter how long the winter, a beautiful spring is sure to follow! March 20 marks the first day of spring and it can’t come soon enough! We’re always open to warmer weather…it’s the perfect time of year to indulge in some much-needed rejuvenation both inside and out. This month’s issue is all about marching back to health!

March is recognized as National Nutrition Month so it’s time to whip up all those healthy recipes you’ve been storing away on Pinterest!


Speaking of heathy recipes, our local pie celebrity, Amanda Wilbanks of Buttermilk Pie Co. is teaming up with us to provide some fun cross marketing promotions. Stay tuned!

Whatever you may have planned for the next few weeks, we hope it’s something that keeps your passion blooming each and every day.

Take a look at the specials that will help you march into health! 

We’ll see you soon at The Spa on Green Street!


Is the harsh winter killing your skin?


March is the perfect time of year to start preparing your body for those warmer spring and summer months and bring back your healthy glow!


Purchase any body treatment and receive a complimentary 15 minute scalp massage!

Limited spaces available!


Feeling stressed from ALWAYS being connected to your phone? It’s time to UNPLUG!

March 3rd marks National Day of Unplugging but why not go beyond simply turning off your devices to indulge in true relaxation?!

Stop by the spa and indulge in an Aromacord Massage!

Reserve today and receive a complimentary Anakiri Honey Mint Lip balm, a lip “miracle!”

60 minutes $90.00


It’s International Women’s Month! Spring Is the perfect time to feel rejuvenated inside and out! 

Receive a complimentary mini box of Brazilian Cacau Delights Brigadero chocolates ($18 value) by one of very own valued spa guests, Viviane Jones, when you reserve a Spa on Green Street Custom Facial and Facial Recontouring Massage!



Spring makes everything young again!

Experience a Radical Rejuvenation Super Antioxidant Facial and regain your glow!


Did you know that all skin types need exfoliation to achieve a healthy, glowing look?


This therapeutic facial includes a three-step cleansing session to revitalize mature skin and slow the aging process. Immune boosting minerals and a therapeutic peel off enzyme mask leave your face glowing for days!

Reserve your facial and receive a complimentary Susan Posnick mineral makeup application!



Daylight savings takes place on March 12! Setting the clocks forward also means that the days will now be longer.  

90% of visible signs of aging are due to sun damage.

Stop by the spa and purchase a Susan Posnick Mineral Sunblock 30 SPF to have on hand at all times. Applying daily on the hands, neck and face will save your skin in the long run!


It’s International Women’s Month so it’s the perfect time to learn more about the best-kept beauty and wellness secrets women use all around the world! From teas, to oils to food products, you’ll be amazed at what everyday products can do for your beauty regimen!

Australia: Treat Dandruff
Sick of pulling dandruff away from your itchy, dry scalp?  Australians use a few drops of tea tree oil in their shampoo to treat this problem. It will moisturize your scalp and prevent future itching and flaking! Purchase a bottle of our Anakiri Tea Tree Oil to customize your favorite shampoo.

Japan: Detox Your Body  
Matcha green tea powder is a natural fat-burner, energy booster and antioxidant and mineral powerhouse, aka your new best friend! If that doesn’t convince you, Matcha also helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol as well as fights off cancer! Be sure to ask one of our wellness professionals which supplement is best for you! See our naturopath, Ricardo Boye, to help you choose the best source for you!

China: Get Rid of Stretch Marks
Chinese women find that massaging camellia oil twice a day onto the problem areas on their skin nourishes their skin and helps eliminate stretch marks. Another bonus of this ritual is that the method also helps fight skin discoloration. Mix this  with our Anakiri Sun Fusion oil for even quicker results. 

Brazil: Eliminate Cellulite
Brazilian women have been rubbing sand onto their bodies for years to stimulate circulation which is incredibly effective for eliminating unwanted cellulite. This helps break down toxins and fat tissue. A great bonus is that you’ll also be exfoliating the skin at the same time. Thankfully we have amazing treatments like body scrubs and hydrating wraps for powerful solutions to those pesky dimples! Grab a bag of our Dead Sea Salts and add your own Anakiri essential oil blend to customize your experience.

New Zealand: Boost Your Immune System
Manuka honey is on the most powerful super-food list. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which helps boost the immune system, preventing you from getting colds and other types of illnesses. Add a teaspoon to your glass of lemon water every morning to kick start your day! Pick up a bottle of our Alca Vitamin C Powder today. It is sweetened with manuka honey for an extra added benefit!

Take these beauty secrets even further at Spa on Green Street! Tell us about your primary concerns and we’ll recommend the most effective treatments that will give you the results you’ve only dreamt of before!


Have that St. Patrick’s Day favorite milkshake the healthy way, with all the mint flavor and creamy texture, but none of the guilt with my Shamrock Shake Green Smoothie!


See you soon at The Spa on Green Street!


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