Summer is in full swing! Barbecues, beaches, parks, boating and other fun activities rule this month! Check out what we have in store for you in July!

This month starts off with a very important holiday, Independence Day! On July 4th in 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England. We celebrate this historic event with visually stunning fireworks, delicious food and our utmost appreciation for our independence!



We also have UV Safety Month. This is a time when the importance of focusing on skin safety from UV rays is highlighted. Refer to the article titled, July Is UV Safety Month for helpful suggestions on how to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun!

Check out all the great promotions we have in this month's e-zine!

Have a happy and safe July!


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Innovative Aging Solutions


If you've been feeling disconnected from your significant other or have been frustrated when you look in the mirror because the aging process is catching up with you, join us for an informative webinar with Dr. Richard Dittrich, who is an expert in anti-aging solutions.


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More Than Meets The Eye

BRAND NEW! Eye Lash & Eye Brow Tinting

Eye lash tinting is a great alternative to makeup or lash extensions. Make your eyes pop and give an appearance of longer, fuller lashes with or without mascara! Eyebrow tinting can dramatically make thinning eyebrows look fuller and more defined.



Lasts 5-6 weeks

Save time by wearing less or no makeup

Eyes look bigger; lashes and brows look thicker and fuller

You can lead an active lifestyle



Eyebrow Tinting - $20

Eyelash Tinting - $20

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting - $30


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Meet Robyn

The Newest Addition To The Team!

Robyn is a Registered Nurse and a Drexel University BSN graduate. She is passionate about healthcare, wellness and patient satisfaction. Robyn's first profession as a Licensed Cosmetologist perfectly complements her practice in Aesthetic Nursing.


Robyn has also earned certification in Comprehensive Laser Technology, Neuromodulators, Facial Filler Injectables, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion at the Institute for Laser Medicine. Robyn's warm personality and caring nature make her a welcome part of our team. 


SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH ROBYN BERGER, our new nurse and cosmetologist and receive $25 OFF the following services:


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FREE Consultations with Robyn are also available for Facial Injectables such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma and more! 



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Good Times In July!


Picnics at the park, barbecues and pool parties are all part of summer fun!

Get smooth and hair-free!

Purchase a package of 6 Laser Hair Removal* areas and receive a 2nd area FREE!

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Let's Face It...


Do you want clearer skin and a radiant complexion?


Summer sun causes freckles and sunspots while sweating causes your pores to become blocked with oils. This can be addressed with either of the following:




ND-Yag Laser  


Come in for a FREE consultation with Robyn or Linda and let them identify the needs that your skin may require.

E-mail or call us to reserve now! | (215) 465-9600


July Is UV Safety Month

Protecting your skin from weather elements such as heat, cold and sunlight is something you probably do instinctively. However, many people don’t think about protecting their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that come from the sun and from indoor tanning bed lamps.

More than 1.2 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States due to overexposure to powerful UV rays. But, did you know when your skin is frequently exposed to ultraviolet rays, it can cause many complications other than just skin cancer? Age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and leathery skin are just some of the problems repeated UV exposure can cause.

There are simple steps you can take every day to protect your skin:

Seek Shady Areas: Stay out of the sun during peak sunlight hours, which are from 10am to 4pm as noted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If you’re unable to find a shady area, try to limit your sun exposure as much as possible or stay indoors.

Wear Protective Clothing: Long sleeved shirts and pants are good ways to cover your skin. It’s very important to protect your head and eyes by wearing wide brimmed hats and sunglasses that are UV-resistant. Remember to protect your skin even on overcast days.

Avoid The Burn: Believe it or not, approximately 2.1 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with melanoma of the skin at some point during their lifetime. This risk increases with each sunburn. By using a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher every time you’re outdoors, you can avoid sunburns and prevent irreversible damage to your skin.

Use Caution Near Reflective Surfaces: Water, sand and large windows can reflect and amplify the sun’s harmful rays which can increase your risk of sunburn, even when you’re in the shade.

Although summertime is when most people become aware of protecting their skin from harmful UV rays, it’s smart and healthy to practice preventative outdoor skin care year-round. Need more information? Consult with Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center  to find out more about UV skin protection.

Healthy Seafood Summer Recipe

July means enjoying delicious and healthy grilled foods! This great tasting grilled salmon has a mellow, sweet flavor thanks to a bourbon, brown sugar, soy sauce and orange juice marinade. Try this mouth-watering grilled salmon recipe at your next cookout and watch it disappear!


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