The leaves are falling and the crisp autumn air is all around us! It’s the time of year for apple picking, fall festivals and pumpkin patches. October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, when the health benefits of eating only fruits, vegetables and nuts is highlighted. Columbus Day brings recognition to the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492.


Jack-o-lanterns, costume parties and tricks-or-treats rule the day on Halloween!

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease. Even though most people are aware of breast cancer, many of them don't realize that they should encourage others to take the necessary (and life-saving) steps of having a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and to do this for themselves as well.   

This month’s newsletter is full of interesting tips and information! Learn how you can create and track Prepaid Service Packages by watching The Tip of the Month video. Read the Featured Article to discover how to market your medi spa business with YouTube videos and find out what the latest business trends are in the Hot Topics section!

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Prepaid Service Packages

Did you know that you can use MDware to create and track prepaid service packages? Service packages can be multiple sessions of a service usually offered at a discounted overall price.


We now offer Database Cloud Hosting!

Keep your information safe, secure & easily accessible.

Dori Soukup Interviews Blake Rector

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We are happy to announce that Mass Texting is now available for US and Canadian customers!


Mass texting enables you to send text messages to multiple clients on their cellphones using tags such as treatment history, date of visits and other filters. Texting is one of the most effective methods of contacting clients because of most people’s tendency to keep their cellphones close, the availability of SMS in almost all cellphone plans and the ability to read the message at any time.


Pricing is affordable at $50/Month for 1000 messages!


Contact us at: 1 (800) 798-6199 for more information!


The Aesthetic Academy Orange County
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With the rise in popularity of non-invasive procedures, offering Body Contouring services are a great income boost! - 


The body contouring market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% between 2015 and 2022, according to a report from research and consulting firm GlobalData. This represents an annual increase from $671.8 million to over $1.1 billion. Read More...

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7 Steps to Marketing Your

Medi Spa Business With Videos

By Dori Soukup


Are you using videos to market your business? When I ask medi spa owners this question, the answers are often “NO”.  Many of you are missing the boat on Video Marketing!  When we asked members of the community why they don’t use videos to market their business, most of them said: 

  1. Don’t have the time
  2. Don’t know how to do them
  3. Shy, they can’t speak in front of the camera
  4. Don’t know what to talk about
  5. Never thought about it

Maybe these are some of your reasons too, but here’s the truth: If you want to lead more traffic to your medi spa and increase revenue, then Video Marketing is a must!


Fact: Google owns YouTube. Google is the number one site and YouTube is the number two site in the world. Millions visit YouTube daily and they are searching for things.  This fact provides you with a great opportunity to gain exposure for FREE!


Here are some of the reasons why you should use Video Marketing: 

  • Be found online – your website and YouTube
  • Increase traffic and conversion rate
  • Positions you as an expert
  • Feature your products and treatments
  • Communicate health and beauty tips to your community
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Improve your SEO

These reasons should motivate you to grab a video camera and start!  How can you get started?

First, you have to make a commitment for time and investment to do videos.  Designate a certain amount of time to plan your Video Marketing Strategy.  Most people have good intentions but unless you make a commitment to create the videos, it will not happen.


Second, decide on the type of videos you will make.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Shoot videos about certain products and or treatments you want people to know about.
  • Talk about a case study and or success stories on how you help your clients achieve certain results.
  • Have clients give you a video testimonial and talk about how you help them.
  • Film a tour of your medspa or clinic.

Third, decide on the equipment you will be using.  Don’t make excuses and say I don’t have a video camera, I don’t have lights or I don’t have a microphone - you can get started with an iPad and a phone if you want to!  We are not talking about filming an award-winning video.  We are shooting videos to spread the word about what you do and for you to be noticed as an expert so you can help more people.  Don’t let perfection stop you from getting started!  The thing about videos is, the more you do them - the more comfortable you will be. 

When I first started shooting videos for the site, I was uncomfortable.  But now I can just jump in, do one take and be done.  Try it and keep doing it!

Fourth, script your message and begin videotaping each one.  Keep your videos short and remember to have a Call to Action at the end of each one.

Fifth, this is the most difficult step: video editing.  Editing is time consuming, especially if the video is not clean.  There are many editing tools you can use, but if you are the type of person who does not want to get involved in editing, there are other solutions.  

You can shoot the videos and then you can upload them into Dropbox and send the link to a company like InSPAration Management’s 360 Business Videos to edit the videos for you.  You are a busy person like I am. I certainly don’t edit and post my own videos.  My team does that for me.  I focus on content, shooting and what I do best.  They do the rest.  You should focus on what you do best too and let others do the rest for you!

Sixth, now that your video is shot and edited, it will need to be uploaded to your YouTube channel. Maybe some videos can be added to your website as well.


Seven, market your videos.  Once the videos are on YouTube, it’s wise to market the video in order to get views.  The video is not going to do your business any good if no one sees it.  I will be sharing some great examples on the CoachMe Gold Module, How to Market Your Videos to gain thousands of views that you can convert to leads and then into clients.

To learn more on how to Market Your Business with Videos, join us for the next CoachMe Gold Module.

Note: Need help with shooting, editing, posting and/or marketing your videos? Contact us.  We will be happy to assist you!


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Sean enjoys hitting the gym on a regular basis, and in his spare time, he enjoys Latin dancing! He can also speak basic Japanese. Sean has travelled to the US and Eastern Asia – India, Japan and Hong Kong…and he hopes to visit many more parts of the world!


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