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Sliding Scale Commissions

MDware includes tools to motivate your staff! One of the most effective ways to encourage more sales is through the use of Sliding Scale Commission Structures. For example: If a staff member receives a 10% commission for sales made under a total of $500, once they sell more than $500, they reach the target milestone and automatically receive 20% commission on all sales. Learn how to do this by watching the video below:


Mass Texting is available for US and Canadian customers!

Mass texting enables you to send text messages to multiple clients on their cellphones using tags such as treatment history, date of visits and other filters. Texting is one of the most effective methods of contacting clients because of most people’s tendency to keep their cellphones close, the availability of SMS in almost all cellphone plans and the ability to read the message at any time.

Pricing is affordable at $50/Month for 1000 messages!

Contact us at: 1 (800) 798-6199 for more information!


AmSpa Bootcamp: How to Successfully Open a Spa or Provide Medical Aesthetic Services in Your Practice
November 7th - 8th, 2016
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A4M - Las Vegas
Dec 9th - 11th, 2016
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We wrote an article for stylish scrub designer Medelita. See how Automated Marketing can benefit your practice!  -


A practice management software program that combines a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and an Automated Marketing System combines the best of both worlds. The primary benefit is the ability to store all activity in one location, and use information from marketing campaigns and patient history to create the best client experience and grow your practice. Read More...


Other Topics:

• Shrinking pores? Magic treatments and more myths about pores are busted in this article!

• Tips from an HR expert on how to deal with lateness and frequently absent employees effectively. Click Here to see how!


Improve Your Public Relations

& Gain Publicity


Let’s start with defining Public Relations and why you should practice it in your medi spa business.

According to PRSA, Public Relations Society of America, Public Relations is the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.


The best part about PR is that it’s free; unless of course, you hire an agency to do it for you.  Even then, PR itself is free. You are basically paying an agency to get you free publicity.  PR is a marketing mix every business should be doing.


PR is great to shape and build your professional reputation through the media, position yourself as an expert, magnify your differences and uniqueness, generate buzz about your business, keep the community informed, and magnify your professional image.


There are many ways to gain PR. If you start with writing press releases as to what is new in the medi spa industry, hosting special events, speaking, and contributing to your community, you will be off to a great start.

Press Releases

To write a great press release, keep the following points in mind:

     1. You want to answer who, what, where, why and when

     2. Have a great headline

     3. Keep it to one page

     4. Apply the traditional press release formatting

     5. Use the same template over and over

Create a directory list of all the local media outlets. List editors, show directors, production manager’s contact information, names, emails, addresses, etc.  Import the list into your email platform, so you can send your press release to all of them at once.

Get in the habit of writing press releases every couple of months to keep the media engaged with what is happening in your medi spa business.  Any time you introduce a new medi spa treatment or service or host an event; write a press release and send it to all of them. Also, it’s wise to archive your press releases on your website.


Press Kit
Another way to gain exposure is by creating a Media/Press Kit for your business.  The press kit should include:
     1.  A bio of key players in your business along with a company profile 
     2.  What sets your medi spa apart from every other medi spa in your area
     3.  A copy of your product menu
     4.  Types of products you offer
     5.  Your website
     6.  A recent article or your book
     7. A gift card

Keep in mind, the Press Kit should give the media the opportunity to form a great opinion about your business and get them to want to learn more about it.  It is your time to brag about yourself in the Press Kit. 

Click Here to download the Authority Marketing Press Release.

To learn more on how to gain free publicity for your business, join us for the next CoachMe Gold Module and gain many more tips such as how to come up with a newsworthy story, how to present your story, a sample Press Release and much more.

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The bottom line is for you to do as much community relations as possible.  Become an expert in your field. Talk and meet as many people as you can. 


What Differentiates You From The Competition?


In continuing the theme of free publicity through the media, this month’s Bright Idea is to outline your differentiations.


I was doing a Private Coaching Session last week and it was the first time I had spoken with this young man and his wife.  He is in the middle of planning his new spa.  He was excited to talk to me and tell me all his plans. 

As I got to learn more and more about his plans in the location he was opening, I found out that he is going to be just another spa that offers the same thing as the 3 Massage Envy locations that are just 4 miles apart in each direction of his spa. I also visited the website he was building and I noticed that even his pricing strategy is the same as his competition. 


Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon. Most people do the same when opening any type of business.  I stressed to him how important it is to be different. I am so glad he called now. They are coming to the Leap Ahead Spa Leadership Seminar, so they can avoid costly mistakes and position themselves for success!


The Bright Idea is to be different.  It’s difficult to be different. But this is exactly why you should outline your differentiations.  I exhort you to perform this exercise. Ask yourself and your team, "What differentiates us from the competition?"  That differentiation is what you need to make known to the media.


One way to differentiate yourself is by becoming a published author and practice Authority Marketing.  If you missed the Write Your Book In One Weekend Seminar this year, register now for next year’s and set up a payment plan. 


To help you, listen to Authority Marketing, a complimentary Podcast and gain smart strategies to differentiate yourself.

Did you miss the "Write Your Book In One Weekend" Seminar?

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Andrey has been part of the tech support team for over 5 years. Andrey enjoys being able to help people and being a Technical Support Representative helps him solve people's problems in a business environment. Andrey finds his job to be the most satisfying when people laugh and breathe a sigh of relief after a problem is fixed.

Andrey has kept budgies (a little yellow and green bird) as pets since he was a little kid and is a bit of an expert on their care!

In his spare time, Andrey enjoys going to the archery club and specializes in shooting compound bows. Andrey practices his archery about once a week every Saturday. Andrey has been doing archery for about a year and discovered the sport through a club advertised on Facebook. Andrey also enjoys fishing, reading books and playing tabletop games with friends. 

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