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March is recognized as National Nutrition Month so it’s time to whip up all those healthy recipes you’ve been storing away on Pinterest!

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One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to visit spas. No matter where I go, I always notice missed revenue opportunities. Often, I am not offered any additional treatments, upgrades and retail spa products. Nothing is more disappointing to me.


I am sure you experience the same thing. The spa and medical spa industry falls short on increasing revenue through the guest experience. In this article, you will gain 5 strategies you can implement to help you increase your revenue through the guest experience.

1. Reservation Process

How good are your receptionists with converting callers into appointments and maximizing the number of treatments?

Problem: In most cases, receptionists (or as I like to call them “the Guest Relations Team”) take the path of least resistant. They normally reserve the least expensive treatments. This practice limits revenue generation and makes the rest of the team work hard to try to upgrade treatments.

Solution: Reserve time for treatments and let your therapists choose the ideal treatments for clients. This will allow your spa team or RN and PA etc. to customize spa treatments and increase guest satisfaction.

2. Guest Check-in
How good is your check-in process? Problem: When visiting spas on location and assessing their check-in process, I notice many missed opportunities. Normally the receptionist asks, “Do you have an appointment?” Asking for their name only, they check them in with no attempt to promote other treatments or upgrading treatments.


Solution: Make a great first impression by standing up and welcoming the guest. Get their name. Say, “We are expecting you” and confirm the treatment they are having. Then based on availability, make recommendations. It can be a promotion you are having or something that will complement the treatment they are having. Or if they are a repeat client, your receptionist can say, “I was looking in your history and I noticed that you have not had xyz in a while. Let’s go ahead and get you set up for both today!”

This type of recommendation will help your guest have multiple treatments, achieve better results and enjoy their visit more.


3. Relaxation Lounge
What are you serving in your lounge? Problem: Usually, I see coffee, tea, and or water. Rarely, healthy snacks are served. Most often, the things being served are items not being sold in your spa boutique.


Solution: Forget the coffee. Focus on tea and offer water with a healthy concentrate that you can retail. Once they try and love them, they will buy them. Place shelf talkers to describe what they are having and mention that they are available for purchase in your boutique. (Try Pur Inventions). Having a tea bar promotes health and helps you generate more revenue.

4. The Treatment
This is the biggest missed opportunity. I have had treatments around the world. Rarely do I get upgraded. I am frequently invited to be a secret shopper. Oh my goodness, the stories I can tell you! Problem: In my most recent experience just last week, I went to a Medi Spa to have a facial. The esthetician asked what my concerns are, then she asked what my budget was. I almost died! Are you kidding me, “What is my budget?” What does that have to do with anything?

That team did not have a system. Worse yet, they had not been trained on how to handle a consultation to increase guest satisfaction and generate more revenue.

Solution: Implement the P.R.I.D.E. system. Train and practice your team on how to do a consultation and how to recommend to your clients. Once the team is trained, set rewards and consequences.

5. The Check-Out
This is another case of missed opportunities. Retail should be a big part of your spa’s income. Recently, I was talking with a new client. Her spa did over one million in revenue and her retail accounted for only $100K. That is a 10% ratio. That’s horrible… They could have made another half million in retail!

Problem: No system for checkout. No sales order turned in. Not only are they not maximizing revenue, frequently they do not report the upgrade they do! So they are also losing money!

SolutionImplement a sales system for checkout to maximize revenue generation. Join us for the new CoachMe Genius Revenue Strategies and discover how to Turn Your Spa into a Selling Machine!

Article by Dori Soukup, author, speaker, consultant and founder of InSPAration Management. 

Click Here to receive Dori’s book, Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits.


Steve - Tech Support      

Steve is the newest member of our tech support team at MD-Ware. In the short time he has been here, Steve is already becoming an expert at supporting the software.

He is also in charge of assisting Adam with the EMR forms and he is the narrator for the Quick Tip videos!

Fun Fact: Steve is the bassist of a local indie Toronto band called Animatist!

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