This month is all about LOVE and you know what? We love all of our clients! Actually, we LOVE our clients well! We wanted to thank you for your valued business and express our gratitude by offering one complimentary individual packet of M’lis Heart Healthy Essentials next time you visit Alternative Health! Simply present this email at time of checkout.  

Whether you’ll be cuddling up with your significant other, enjoying a night out with friends or simply indulging in some much-needed ‘you’ time this 


Valentine’s Day, we hope you allow yourself to take time to celebrate - life is too short not to!


Below you’ll find even more amazing treatment packages and gifts we’ve created for you this month!

We’ll see you soon at Alternative Health!


Take his breath away all over again!


Experience a half-day of beauty, which includes a Body Contour Wrap, Paraffin Wax Hand Dip, Facial Treatment and 1 hour Massage!

$175.00 (Regularly $230.00)




Buy 2 for $265.00 and quickly lose a few inches, cleanse and tighten the skin of your neck and face, soften your hands and release muscle tension just in time for your big night out!

Make your purchase by February 14, 2017 and receive a half priced ION Cleanse Footbath service!

Price:  $27.50


Emily’s Story
“My name is Emily Wallace, I am 27 years old. Since I started menstruating as a teen, I would throw up multiple times. I was in a lot of pain, and would take ibuprofen to get through each month.  This went on for 10 years, but I refused to take birth control, which is all the OBGYN doctors would tell me to take. 

I had a consultation at Alternative Health with John in October 2016.  The health screening results were that I needed to detox my body and balance my hormone levels.  I began taking the M’lis Balance supplement as well as applying the M’lis Wild Yam Cream daily.  I did my first detox the week after Thanksgiving, and after two months, I no longer throw up during menstruation. I feel so much relief and am beyond grateful for not only finding out about this company, but am now also an employee and have the training and opportunity to help others get well holistically!”

Purchase $100.00 worth of M’lis Skin Care Products and receive a complimentary M’lis Eye Serum

(Value $15.00)


M’lis Radiance Beauty Drink with Collagen for Skin Hair Nails and Joints 

See and feel a difference in as

little as two weeks! 


“Jill is amazing! I've gotten the clay mask, body wraps, paraffin dip, and ear candling! The ear candling and body wraps are my favorite!!! And John the owner is so knowledgeable and a hugger, bonus star! 2 words, M’lis products!!!”

- Nicole G, Southwick MA

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Stressing out in anticipation for Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect gift or calling every restaurant to find reservation openings, we know how you feel! It’s no wonder that Alternative Health gets booked up by our clients who seek much-needed relaxation!

Even if you’re not worried about a special date night this month, stress seems to always find a way into our daily lives.

Did you know that stress directly affects the skin barrier and its ability to retain moisture? Muscles also become tense which causes skin to lose its healthy glow and makes fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable.

According to
  •  77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress
  •  73% regularly experienced psychological symptoms from stress
  •  48% reported loss of sleep due to stress

Research from the University of Sheffield has proven that meditation and relaxation sessions not only reduce stress but also help those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and acne. If you can relate with the statistics above, here are a few good reasons why we recommend implementing meditation into your daily life ASAP!

1. Reduces Negative Emotions
It’s no secret that when you look great, you feel great. A radiant, glowing complexion increases your confidence. A study completed by Stanford determined that participants were less anxious and developed more positive thoughts about themselves after two months of regular meditation.

2. Increases Energy Levels
Who wouldn’t like more energy throughout the day? Sure coffee and Red Bull offer a temporary boost but neither are good for you. Meditation offers the healthiest and most natural way to boost both DHEA and growth hormone production, two essential chemicals we need to feel more energetic.

3. Helps You Make Healthier Choices
Meditation allows you to become more intuitive with your daily thoughts and actions. Under stress you may be inclined to have a quick and easy lunch at a local fast food restaurant rather than take the time to pack something healthy for the day. By eliminating stress, you clear your mind of the chaos and bad choices!

4. Helps You Have Better Sleep
Those who practice meditation have been proven to maintain acute mental awareness during lucid dreaming. This can’t be achieved without being in a deep state of REM. Meditation also increases levels of melatonin by about 98%.

5. Slows Down Aging
It’s been proven that women with high levels of perceived stress, including psychological and chronic, have shorter telomeres (nucleotide sequences at the end of our chromosomes that protect them from deterioration). These telomeres have about one decade of additional aging compared to women with low stress! Not only does meditation help maintain low stress levels but it also results in improved overall health!

There’s no one way to meditate. Starting off each day with just a few minutes of deep thought relaxation is all you need to be on your way to lowering stress. Adding essential oils to your routine is a great way to enhance your experience! Add in a regular spa visit to Alternative Health and you’ll feel like you dived head first into the Fountain of Youth. Get started today and start enjoying the widespread benefits that meditation brings to your body, skin and life!


See you soon at Alternative Health!

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