April is Stress Awareness Month which is appropriate since Tax Day is approaching! To help you de-stress this month and gain more balance, we included all sorts of de-stress solutions and tax credits to help you save and feel better!

In this issue, you are invited to participate in the Eggstravaganza Easter Giveaway! Also, check out the De-Stress Recipe and read the Featured Article to discover how to avoid stress in your life.


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CE Ferulic improves fine lines by 28% and wrinkles by 36% while firmness and elasticity are increased by 37%. It improves both collagen and elastin of the skin. This product is applied in the morning.


Resveratrol BE is considered a Facial in a Bottle! It is a great night concentrate that boosts the skin’s internal defense system to help repair and prevent accumulated damage.

AGE Interrupter is the perfect preventative and corrective product for mature skin. It increases elasticity and thickness and protects the skin’s barrier from drying, cracking and crepiness.


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Are brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles or other concerns about your complexion causing you stress?


At-home skin care and regular facial treatments sometimes aren’t enough to keep your face looking fresh and radiant. We offer a range of chemical peels to help remove dead skin and reveal the younger, brighter skin beneath.


Chemical peels come in a variety of treatment strengths: light, medium, and deep as well as customized combinations. The best part? They require little to no downtime and offer impressive beautifying and anti-aging results!


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Bring back your skin’s health with a HydraFacial Treatment!

The HydraFacial will restore your skin to its healthiest state by removing impurities and replenishing your skin with essential nutrients!


Loved by the medical community, beauty editors and celebrities alike, the HydraFacial MD® resurfacing procedure is an incredible non-invasive treatment that utilizes award-winning, patented technology to detoxify, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

It delivers immediate results and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation!


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Are you noticing sagging skin under your chin?


Experience KYBELLA™, the first FDA-approved non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a “double chin. When injected, it destroys fat cells under the chin, which are reabsorbed by the body leaving the skin substantially tighter and the jaw more contoured.


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Has extra weight around your tummy or thighs been stressing you out lately?


No matter what type of diet plan you try or regardless of how strenuous your daily routines are, there can still be troublesome areas on your body. If you have been trying so hard to tame those parts, but cannot see the result you are looking for, then a non-invasive procedure might help.


We recommend BTL Vanquish Me!


BTL Vanquish Me is also known as Selective Radio Frequency. It is a method to reduce fat around the abdomen and conquer the core. It is a non-invasive substitute to liposuction. The procedure is fast and pain-free and it can provide the results you desire.


Can BTL Vanquish Me replace liposuction?


Anyone who ever dreamt of having a perfect body may have thought of getting liposuction. However, because of the post-operative effect, most of them are still undecided to go through this invasive procedure. The most typical type of liposuction is the tumescent in which the doctor will inject fluids with salt water and lidocaine to lessen the pain, while the epinephrine will tighten the blood vessels. After that, the doctor will start to insert the suction tube into the skin to suck the fat using the tube.


The Process Behind BTL Vanquish Me

The procedure uses heat to lessen the fat and it is also an efficient method to maintain the body shape. It heats the skin that destroys the underlying fat cells. This helps in lessening the thick texture of the fat in a particular area. Your skin will be heated for 45 minutes for the abdomen and 30 minutes for the thighs.


It is considered the industry’s largest spot size treatment that requires no pain management and no downtime. The device has no contact with the body and is designed for every body type. Treatments are spaced one week apart and results of a 2–4 inch loss as well as 1–2 dress sizes are noticed. Visible results are seen at 2–3 weeks with maximum results noticeable in 5 weeks. Start now so that your body will be beach ready!

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